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New iPhone app has received the imprimatur.


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Free books

Years ago, Gary North put out some free books from ICE (Institute for Christian Economics). On a whim, I tried it today, and it still works. So, for those who can still remember how to navigate clunky old sites (just click on “Author” under “Books By” on the left sidebar and you’ll be fine), have loads of time, or are curious about that old Reconstructionist crowd, download all you want, but eat all you take.

Here’s the link.

Particularly useful finds include:

“Days of Vengeance,” David Chilton’s commentary on Revelation
“Covenant Enforced,” John Calvin’s sermons on Deuteronomy 27 and 28
“Grand Illusions,” George Grant’s expose of Planned Parenthood


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All things are lawful…

…but the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey edifieth not.


P.S. On second thought, I’m not sure it’s even lawful.

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OK, This Time For Sure. No, Really.

Inspired by my friend Matt, I’m really going to start blogging again. No, really. I’m serious. Shut up.

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Hiatus? Over.


After what seems a lifetime of obscurantist whatnot (I didn’t have the Internet. On purpose. Yeah, I know), I’m back into the interwebs. It’s about the same as I left it.


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Prayer Request


My mother happens to be ill at this time, with some sort of gastrointestinalreallylongword issues.  I know things are busy during the day (especially these days), but if the thought crosses your mind, I’d appreciate any prayers of the faithful.  Thanks in advance.

In other news, in the Tour de F…ah, nobody cares.

~John Cottonpicker

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The First Blast of the Flugelhorn

John Cotton (picker)Far be it from me to speak ill of a ruler (Ex. 22:28, Acts 23:5), so I’ll just post a video of one of our beloved elected officials.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

Incidents like this often remind me that we were forewarned.

Praise God we have a King who is faithful to the citizenry of His commonwealth.  These are known by their penitence and poverty of spirit.

In Him,

John Cottonpicker

Varying Positions Within the PCA

Dear Readers,

Here are two essays, one supporting women as unordained deacons, one advocating the strictly complementarian view for ecclesiastic duties.

“The Case for Commissioning (Not Ordaining) Deaconesses,” by Tim Keller

“The Case for Our Current Policy on Female Deacons,” by Ligon Duncan

As for an official policy change by the PCA, the point is moot for another year, as the overture for the creation of a study committee on women’s roles failed 40-34 with two abstentions.

With kindest personal prayers and regards, I remain

John Cottonpicker

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WordPress Defaults and Ignorance of the Sabbath



Dear readers,

I, John Cottonpicker, am pleased to bring a small amount (but, hopefully, a good mix) of serious study and scintillating satire to a readership that can distinguish between the two in these illiterate times.  In this introductory post, I should like to point out a disturbing fact about the very site you are viewing. Be warned; truly horrific goings on indeed lie in wait ahead.  Read at your own risk.

As I prepared to type (as the electronic word has replaced the written one) this prolegomena, I sought to nail down my preferences. One of these, tucked away in the bowels of links concerning settings, subsettings, and subsubsandwiches, was the option of deciding which day started the week.  Lo and behold, the default day to start the week was Monday!  God forbid this sort of gratuitous anthropocentrism that has run rampant in our society.

Therefore, pray diligently for WordPress and its staff, designers, etc., as they have (I hope inadvertently) promulgated the worst of modernism’s Sabbath-denying antinomianism.  With kindest personal regards, I remain


John Cottonpicker

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